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Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay

In a word: s-i-m-p-l-i-f-y.

Online Bill Pay

Eliminate postage fees, wasted paper, and wasted time with the convenience of Center Bank Online Bill Pay. Unlike some bill paying systems, our plan allows you to pay ALL your creditors, from the insurance company to the youngster down the street who mows your lawn or shovels your sidewalk.

Center Bank Online Bill Pay can make payments electronically, or for accounts (or individuals) who can't receive electronic payments, we'll automatically cut the check and mail it ourselves.

  • Pay ANY creditor/bill online
  • Eliminate postage fees and wasted paper
  • Set up recurring payments or one-time payments
  • Set up due date reminders
  • Notification when payment has cleared

To make sure your bank records remain confidential and not subject to computer hackers and subsequent fraud, Center National Bank operates a daily sweep account that removes money from your account that would be paid to creditors on that day, and places it in a special holding account for payment. This way you can protect your bank information.

Online Bill Pay User Guide

Download an easy step by step guide for your online bill pay account.