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Cash Management

Cash Management

How suite it is.


Center Bank's Cash Management tools allow your business to spend less time on administrative tasks and improve efficiency, which ultimately increases your company's profitability. The following services are provided:

Online Banking

  • 24/7 access to your accounts
  • Transfer funds
  • Review previous and current day cash positions
  • Review transaction history

Electronic Collection Service (ACH Origination)

  • Allows your company to collect payments electronically
  • Payments are transferred electronically from customer's account to yours
  • Convenience feature for customers
  • Funds are available in your account faster
  • Saves time and money on accounts receivable

Electronic Disbursement Service (ACH Disbursement)

  • Allows your company to make payments electronically
  • Allows direct deposit of payroll, depositing employee paychecks direct to their bank account
  • Saves time and money in accounts payable and payroll
  • Eliminates waste and expense of paper paychecks

Electronic Wire Transfer Service

  • The fastest and most precise timing of fund transfers anywhere in the world

Electronic Stop Payment Service

  • Initiate stop payments directly into the bank's computer system without having to call or notify the bank