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Google Pay, formally known as Android Pay, allows you to do all the things Android Pay did. You will be able to pay easily in stores, online and in apps without having to get your debit or credit cards out of your wallet.  Google Pay also allows you to store gift cards, loyalty cards, tickets and coupons when you shop at your favorite stores.

  • Streamlined payments - no more carrying cards or counting change
  • Easy Setup
  • Multiple cards can be set up for convenience
  • Purchases are private - unique virtual processing numbers are used to process transactions instead of card numbers
  • Protect yourself if you lose your device  
    • Use the "Find My Device" to remotely find your phone and then lock or erase your phone.

Setup Google Pay

  1. Make sure your phone is running Android Lollipop (5.0) or higher
  2. Download Google Pay in the Google Play Store
  3. Open the Google Pay App and follow the setup instructions
  4. For Security, you will be asked to set up a screen lock
  5. To make purchases in stores, make sure your device has NFC and NFC is turned on.  Your phone must also have HCE
  6. If you have another payment app on your phone, you may want to set Google Pay as your default payment app in your phone's settings
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to add your Center National Bank Debit Card into your phone

Payments are Easy

  1. Look for the Google Pay symbol at the checkout, unlock your phone and hold it near the terminal until you see a check mark.  You don't even need to open the app!

Your Privacy is Protected

When you use Google Pay in stores, a virtual account number is given which represents your information - no actual card details are shared to process your payment.

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